Welcome to transmit.love

What is Transmit.love?

This site is a creation born out of a love of open source designed to improve the world and inspire its residents, even if only incrementally.


You can view the status of all services at https://status.transmit.love


Special Freebies available by request to community members at https://lets.transmit.love

  • Free WordPress Blog
  • Free Email Address
  • Free Web Hosting
  • More!


Free Image uploads. By request for community members. See the pics at https://u.transmit.love


For support you’re welcome to join https://we.transmit.love Also good for chatting and idling.


Transmit.Love is a proud member of the mastadon social network. Anyone can join and share at https://i.transmit.love


A simple URL shortener for bookmarking or backlinking that anyone can use. Based on YOURLS at https://to.transmit.love


A pastebin utility for simple sharing that anyone can use. Client side encryption and decryption makes it very secure. Available at https://please.transmit.love


Transmit.Love Operates a nextcloud instance just for members. Available upon request at https://help.transmit.love